IE 6 hangs after XmlHttprequest for 5 minutes




i have a ajax-webapp (prototype.js) which works without any problems
with IE (also 6.0), FireFox, Opera etc..

Now I have a single client (W2K, IE 6.0.2800.1106, SP1) who has a
strange problem.
Every time, the client sends an async.-POST-xmlhttprequest, IE sends
the request succesfully after 5 minutes - i don't know, what IE does
during this 5 minutes.

For test you can visit and
make a single request or send multiple requests.

Besides: I know there are problems when using SSL, IE 6.0 and the
parameter "keep-alive". Therefore the connection after every request
will be closed.

Can anyone help me to find out what the reason for this strange
behavior is?

Ludwig Pfefferkorn

IE 6 hangs after XmlHttprequest for 5 minutes

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