IE 6 Stops Working After 10 Minutes


John Isenberg

IE 6.0 SP1 stops working after about 10 minutes. Reboot and works fine for
another 10 minutes. Page timeout returns the following : "Cannot find
server or DNS Error".

No connection problems. Cable internet; can receive email (Outlook) and
Newsgroups (OE) without issue. Running the usual antispy (adaware, spybot,
spyware blaster, etc).

Problem started after unsuccessful installation of Systemworks 2005. I am
running Windows 98. Have had no issues for the last 2 years with NSW 2003,
so the installation attempt seems to have changed something.

Reinstalled IE6 and Norton Antivirus only with no change. Also tried LSPfix
and a couple of registry fixes from the MVP Scumware site.

Seems that I had to do a clean install when I put in NSW 2003, and will do
that again when I have time, but if there is an easy fix to keep me surfing
until then, or if the problem occurs again.

Thanks in advance for the help.

John Isenberg

Jan Il

Hi John :)

I had a similar situation with the time outs with my W2K, but, I'm not sure
it will work with '98. You might try it if you like, and it will apply to
your OS setup:

First, right click My Computer>Manage>Services and Applications>Services>DNS
Client>General Tab> make sure Startup is set to Manual and Service status is
Stopped. Then OK/Close out.

Second, Control Panel>Network and Dialup Connections>Local Area
Connection>Properties> Connect Using>Configure>Power Management>make sure
the boxes
there are unchecked. Then OK/Close out.

Then reboot.

Another thing you might look at is that your AOL settings may have gotten
messed up with the attempted install of the Norton product. Although, it
may not apply in your situation.


AOL and Internet Explorer error is possible that some system files were damaged, broken or just
messed up with the failed install, so you might also try a repair of the OS:

How to Repair Windows 98


Be sure that your AV and firewall is disabled before starting:

The Internet Explorer Repair Tool


If you have not already done so, then you might try a repair of IE6 as


See the information on repairing W98 here:

Quick Repairs for Windows 98

Hope this helps

Jan :)
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