IE hangs for seconds sometimes unless...



Sometimes but not always, when I click a link, IE will take a long
time to load the page. It sometimes takes 30 seconds to a minute to
load a page which normally loads immediately.

However, if I open another browser window while I'm waiting for the
page to load, the page will usually come up right away.

I have IE7, but this also happened to me on IE6 on at least 2

Any ideas?
I think that this might be caused by some program that I have loaded
on my computer, so below is a list of some of the applications I have
which could be the offenders:
Google Toolbar, J2SE Runtime 5.0 Update 4, .Net Framework 1.1 and 2.0,
MS Office 2000, Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Studios 6.0/2003/2005, MS

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