IE-6 Browser Version Numbers



I have IE-6 SP1 browsers in both my Windows'98 and Windows'ME
computers. However, I'm running into problems in the more recent
Windows'ME browser upgrade that don't appear in the Windows'98
browser. Their browser Help> About> Version numbers are slightly

The Windows'ME IE-6 SP1 browser Version number is 6.0.2800.1106
The Windows'98 IE-6 SP1 browser Version number is 6.0.2800.1106CO

Does anybody know what the significance is of the CO at the end of the
Windows'98 version number?

H Leboeuf

It's form a Corporation that modified it.

Determining Which Version of Internet Explorer You Are Using
All versions of Internet Explorer 5 that are customized with Microsoft
Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) include one of the following
strings after the version number when you click About on the Help menu:
IC = Internet Content Provider
IS = Internet Service Provider
CO = Corporate Administrator (10/9/2003)

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