FLASH9F.OCX (continually crashes browser)



The above error message has been occurring increasingly often lately as my
browser crashes. Below are the versions of operating system and browser. Any
ideas how I can resolve these crashes while still running my older system ?

Win 98 Sp2
IE 6.0.2800.1106

Thanks in advance, Brad

PA Bear [MS MVP]

What's the full Flash Player version? Test at
or http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/welcome/

Does a Reset correct the behavior?...

Reset Internet Explorer (IE)
Note: This step will help us clear cookies, restore the security level back
to the default settings, and disable third-party browser extensions. Before
trying the steps, we can export the cookies so they can be easily restored
later if you desire:

1. Press "Alt" from your keyboard, click "File", and click "Import and
2. Click "Next", select "Export Cookies", and click "Next".
3. The file is saved by default to your “Documents” folder, click "OK".

If you would like to import the cookies after resolving the issue, please
select “Import Cookies” in file menu to import the saved cookies file and
choose the “cookies” file from your “Documents” folder.

For Internet Explorer 6.0:
1. Click Start, Run, type: “inetcpl.cpl” (without quotation marks) and press
2. Select the General tab, and in the Temporary Internet files window, click
"Delete Cookies", and click OK.
3. In the same tab click Delete Files, check the "Delete all offline
contents" box and click OK.
4. Click the Programs tab, and click "Reset Web Settings".
5. Click the Advanced tab, and click "Restore Defaults".
6. Under the Advanced tab, uncheck "Enable third-party browser extensions"
(requires restart).
7. Click OK.


Upon visiting the first sight, I was given the following information:

Your Player Version: WIN 9,0,124,0
Debug Player: No
Video Capable: Yes
Audio Capable: Yes
Local File I/O Enabled: Yes

The following was also written above the information given above:

The SWF movie below displays the specific version of the Adobe Flash Player
currently installed and active in your browser. For Flash Player 6 or later,
it also tests to see if the debug or shipping version of Flash Player is

Nothing seemed to happen, so I went to the second site suggest in your
reply. It did successfully install a new version. I'll see if this has
eliminated the problem over the next week, and let you know if I've been

Thanks for your valuable assistance



It's acting up again when I open web pages with ads that are more than just
simple pictures on them. Nothing but crashes time after time. Is there any
way I can roll back to an older version of flashplayer, and also avoid the
crashes when I visit pages with the types of ads mentioned above ?

PA Bear said:
Flash v10.x is not supported in Win98 (which doesn't necessarily mean it
won't work in Win98). See

http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/systemreqs/ I don't even meet
the specs for flashplayer as indicated on this link

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