Severe browser crashing


Mana B.

I have set up a default news web site as my home page.
This was not a problem before. Now something happened to
that site or in my computer. Every time I tried to launch
my browser, obviously browser tries to load the default
web site and crashes immediately. I am not even getting
any chance to stop site loading in the browser, clearing
cache or changing the default home page location as
crashing is occurring within a few seconds. And I did
not changed any configuration in this browser crushing
machine. I also noticed before, due to occasional browser
crashing, there are some site which I was able to see with
IE v5.5 are unable to view in IE 6.0 (I am currently using
IE v6.0) Browser crashes immediately.

Incidentally, from my other computer I am able to go to
that default news web site without any trouble.

Please help me to this browser crashing problem.

Mike Burgess

Mana B,
The first step to resolve your problem:
Control Panel | Internet Options | Advanced [tab]
Uncheck: "Enable third-party browser extensions (requires restart)"
Click Apply\Ok and restart.

If this allows IE to start, see:
Dealing with Unwanted Malware, Parasites, Toolbars and Search Engines

Don't forget to re-enable the "3rd browser extensions" option (if used)
Many legit applications use that option.
[more info] (XP)
Mike Burgess [MVP Windows Shell\User]
Blocking Spyware, Adware, Parasites, Hijackers, Trojans, with a HOSTS file [updated 03-15-04]
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