Oct 26, 2006
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Hi all

Well, I purchased the above item. Can be seen by the link below on Amazon site.


Long story short "wait for it".

Recieved it, opened, noticed plug looked funny. Realised its not UK and the other end which goes into the back of the enclosure does not fit either.

E mailed Amazon, had a reply from a Vindo.P. He tried fobbing me off by saying this was correct and expected me to purchase an electric shaver adapter. I just couldn't believe it.

I got straight onto Amazon site and clicked for a call back. Then spoke to a much more helpful person called Lorna (was american and is probably an american call centre to save money from having a dedicated call centre here in the UK)

I explained the situation, she then apologised and said Vinod obviously could do with more training (yeah right, as if thats going to happen. I bet they are still dishing out rubbish e mails).

She arranged for a replacement to be sent special delivery the following day. Got it today, opened before work and saw it had the same problem.

Well I have just been on Amazon to request return again and have printed out a free postal slip for them to be posted back to them. Will get a refund this time.

I was really looking forward to using this, especially as you don't have to mess about with any screws and the hard disk would have just slipped in.

Oh and before I forget, the reason why I didn't go for the cheaper model which you can look at via the link below, was because some of the extra reviews you can see said it had the wrong plug. At the bottom of the reviews, click on where it says "See al 17 customer reviews"


You'll see one person says the statement below

"Received our Icy Box yesterday but have had to return it as the power adaptor supplied doesn't fit the unit, rendering it unusable. Will now have to wait for a replacement. I notice there is another recent reviewer with the same problem, so perhaps they are sending out a batch with the wrong adaptor. My advice is to check the fit before you install your hard drive. "

Icy Box have wasted my time and greatly disappointed me.


Silly Fool
Jun 20, 2010
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And this is the reason why I try as much as possible to go instore and buy what I need. I like to have a touch and feel and nosey before I hand over my hard earned cash. I know its not always possible with some things.

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