I want to be able to associate or attach e-mails to an account



When I send or receive an e-mail that relates to an account in contact
manager, I would like to be able to see all of them or retrieve all of them.




You can link or e-mail auto link your accounts in BCM; Once you receive your
e-mail you can highlight the e-mail and click Link to Record (find out what
account you want to link it to in the dialog box) click link to record and
click okay; Open the account and go to the Ribbon (History) there you sould
find under history *Communication Tab* the item you link to record

If you want to do a e-mail auto link for future e-mails highlight the e-mail
and click at the top e-mail auto link a dialog box should populate and *make
sure they are checked and click okay and again you should be able to see the
items in accounts under history and communication.

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