I want to back up my Outlook 2000 personal folder file (*.pst) in



I am running Windows 98 SE and it has become so corrupt that I can no longer
start it in Safe Mode within Windows. I would like to backup my email from
Outlook 2000 before re-installing Windows. I will need to do so from DOS
since I can't start windows. Where are my *.pst email messages stored in DOS?
For some reason I can't find the directory in DOS where the Microsoft mail
*pst files and the *.pab address book file are stored. However, I am able to
read and copy other files from the hard disk in DOS to my ZIP drive with the
aid of a setup boot disk. I know that the *pst file is usually stored in
C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Local Settings\Application
Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst in Windows but I would like to know the
location of it in DOS so that I can backup this remaining file to my ZIP disk.

Trusting that somebody will advise me on how to find and backup the Outlook
*.pst in DOS.


Martin Healy


The dos location is the same as the win location.
OL2k doesnt use the pab it uses Contacts, and this is contained within the

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