I see boxes instead of a font font is installed


Cameron McKenzie

I have a 97-2003 document with Hebrew characters. They are in the Font
Sptiberian. The font is installed and works in new documents when I type.
In the svaed document, the font comes up as boxes. If I highlight and change
the font to say Times New Roman - it remains boxes. Any ideas?



JoAnn Paules

Could it be because your document is not set up to be a right to left




Someone sent me a document that was supposed to contain Syriac and
English, but when I opened it I saw boxes for _most_ of the Syriac
text and Syriac in only a few places. Turned out that the passages
with boxes were set to Arabic rather than Syriac -- and Unicode is too
smart to fall for that! (Fortunately the few Arabic words were set to
a different variety of Arabic, so they stayed put.)

So make sure the language of the boxed portion is set to Hebrew You
can do that with Find/Replace -- Find the Font that the Hebrew should
be in (don't type anything in the Find box or you'll wipe out your
text), and Replace with Language Hebrew.

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