how do i type a hebrew symbol in word?



I downloaded a page with Hebrew Symbols and printed it. I find that I have
type fonts for Hebrew in Ariel, Courier, Tahoma, and Times New Roman.
However, I do not know how to type the Hebrew symbols in those 4 fonts in a
new word document. Any thoughts, help?




Access the Insert -Symbol window in Word (look under Insert menu in
W03/Insert tab in W07).
Select your font in the drop down list of Font choices; in the Subset
drop-down list, scroll down and select Hebrew. All of the Hebrew characters
that are available in that typeface will appear in the grid.
If you need only a character, click on the character you need and then click
the Insert button (or just double-click on the character), then close the
Symbol window.
In Word 2003 and 2007, next time you open the Symbol window, the characters
you recently used will be listed in a strip below the main grid for quick

If you need to insert multiple characters, you might want to move your
Symbol window so you can view the document as you add characters.

If you are going to insert the same Hebrew character in multiple documents,
save yourself the hassle of accessing the Symbol window everytime and
memorize the keyboard shortcut that is listed at the bottom of the Symbol
window for that particular character. Or you can customize your own special
shortcut for that character if that is easier for you by accessing the
Customize Keyboard window by clicking the Shortcut Key button (just pay
attention when you try a keyboard shortcut so you don't overwrite an existing
keyboard shortcut). You can also establish an AutoCorrect entry for yourself
if you prefer (like how typing (tm) will AutoCorrect to give you a trademark

If you are going to need to insert Hebrew characters quite frequently in
multiple documents, I recommend keeping a document listing all of the
keyboard shortcuts for common Hebrew characters handy and work on learning
them so you grow to rarely if ever needing to access the Symbol window.

Hope this helps you out!


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