Can't use Hebrew in Microsoft fonts, yet they show in taskbar.



I've downloaded Hebrew fonts. And they even appear in the taskbar. Yet all
characters in these fonts still are Roman. How do I switch on the Hebrew

Peter T. Daniels

You need to activate Hebrew in Windows. Go to Start > Control Panel >
Regional and Language Options, and then follow the tabs and buttons to
add a "Keyboard" (not to add a "Language"). The three Windowses do
this a bit differently. If you're in XP, at one point you have to
check off "Complex Scripts."

Once you've done that, you'll have a new icon toward the right end of
your taskbar, which initially will say EN. With the cursor in the Word
document where you want to type Hebrew, click on that and choose HE.
Then when you go back into the Word document, you'll be typing Hebrew.

Peter T. Daniels

What do you mean by "use"?

If you did what I outline below, then you can type in Hebrew as if
with a Hebrew keyboard.

If you don't want to go to the trouble, you can use Insert Symbol (the
"Omega" icon), and choose "Hebrew" from the drop-down at the upper
right, and click on each letter (or vowel point) as you need it.

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