I removed spybot and tired defender but...



I cannot get it to stay on. I'm using ONECARE and have successfule scans, but
when I run security from config panal it locks up the pc when I tell defender
to turn itself on.

Any ideas? I have gone thru most of the threads will no positive results.


Hello dmt2,

Do you have Windows Live OneCare installed? Having that will tuÑn off
Defender by default.

Copied Ñesponse from Bill Sanderson:

Here's what is happening:

Windows Live OneCare incorporates the functionality of Windows Defender,
while substituting its own User Interface (UI.)

Consequently, with OneCare installed, Windows Defender will be disabled.

This does not mean that you are not protected--in fact, you are far better
protected than with simply Windows Defender alone.

I do wish they could manage to convey this interaction a bit more
successfully to the customers, though!

So--what you are seeing is normal. If at some later point you uninstall
OneCare, Windows Defender will remain available and be re-enabled.


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