I need your opinions



Hi group!
Well I´m thinking about removing my old HP DJ600 and replacing it with a
"all in one" device.
The main functions I need are printer and scanner. I need no fax or so...
The expected print volume is very low...I print about 2-3 pages in a day,
and I´ve not used color cartridges in the HP600 life (...amazing?)
With this history I think I need a printer :

-cheap (80-150? range ...I´m not gonna use it professionally)
-with decent photoprint capabilities (you know...chritsmas cards,
friend´s photos and so...) to ocassionally get on peper my still digital
camera shots.

I´m at this point thinking of :

LEXMARK X1150,X1130 AND X1110
HP OJ4110, PSC1350,PSC1210 AND PSC1110 (not very glad about HP options
´cos tech support here is...#*??<*...you know what I mean)

Well...thanks in advance!!!



Staples had the Epson Stylus CX-3200 All-In-One on sale for $88 with rebates
at christmas time.
I bought three of them at that price.
Scanner works well. Prints nicely and sets up fairly easily with USB.
With three of us using them for a couple of months now we've had no problems
so far.
As always the ink is stupidly expensive but Staples house brand is cheaper.
That said . . . Staples customer service is pretty pathetic so be prepared
for a nightmare if you need to talk to them about anything.




I would go up one more model, get the CX5400, indivule carts, it all so
Epson's photo restore (works good enough for me) ...

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