I am providing services to transfer money through my bank account.



I am providing services to transfer money through my bank account.Low
percentage,currency USD,EUR. All bank transfer operations and Wester
Union,Money Gram transfer.Confidentiality, honesty, quickness! My e-mail
(e-mail address removed) Paul



I would like to take up the offer. Please send me your credit card details
with your PIN number and I will, of course, transfer lots of money onto it.

If you could it would help if you could publish your card details here so
everyone can see it as I'm sure lots of other people would like to take up
your offer.

Larry Linson

Why would anyone discuss 3rd party politics in a newsgroup devoted to
technical discussion of and questions and answers about Microsoft Access
database software? They would likely be told that they should seek a
forum/venue where that subject was of interest.

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