no bank account yet I am qualified to register



Good day to all Im in line with RTW product and My gaocho pants product
is the reason why I try my best to put it on website or what we called E
Business Im willing to invest money to create more customer but as of now I
dont have credit card or bank account to pay to be qualified to register I
hope you will Provide me guidelines and information how to pay $20 to
activate my website hosting

Gary Caguindagan
telephone home 02 4888801


Gaocho pants?!?? Holy hell, I was just looking for another pair of those!!!
Thank goodness you've come along, because my last pair got burnt to a crisp
last week when I flamed some other moron for POSTING IN THE WRONG FORUM.

Larry Linson

You have posted to a newsgroup that deals with Questions and Answers about
Microsoft Access database software, a very unlikely place to get answers to
your questions. In fact, I am reasonably certain that no newsgroup
accessible through the Microsoft online user interface is going to be able
to deal with "RTW product" and how to pay for website hosting, and the like.

It sounds to me to be a question that you need to address by e-mail with the
website hosting service whom you want to pay.

Larry Linson
Microsoft Access MVP


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