Hyperlinks in rtf emails are duplicated on sending



I am using Outlook 2003 SP3.

When sending RTF format emails, and NOT using Word as an email editor or
viewer, hyperlinks that are automatically created as I type, arrive at their
destination "duplicated". For example:


is converted to

HYPERLINK "\\\\computername\\folder\\file.txt"\\computername\folder\file.txt

upon sending the message.

Forwarding this email on results in further "duplication" like this:


Viewing such emails in the Sent Items folder shows them to be affected in
exactly this way on sending.

This "duplicated link" points to an invalid location and hence fails.

RTF is the preferred format for Outlook emails in our workplace, and this
failure of hyperlinks is a real problem for us.

If anyone has seen and/or solved this problem I would really appreciate any
help that you can offer.




Thanks Bill,

But no, there is not an option to "insert hyperlink" in an RTF format email
message, unless you choose to use MS Word as your email editor, which we do
not wish to do.



Bill R

For now you will either need to live with it or use Word as the editor until
there's a fix. I haven't seen this issue but use of rtf is very low. You
might want to file a support request about it.

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