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I am using microsoft frontpage and creating hyperlinks. I am linking to items
within the same page. What I am doing is that I have a table at the top of
the page that links to explanations to each item. When I click on the
hyperlink it go to the bookmark item, but the hyperlinked item shows up at
the very bottom of the screen. I want the clicked item to show up at the top
because the hyperlink text is followed by a paragraph explanation. Any help?




We will need to see your page to see what is happening. In general, the
bookmark will appear at the top of the browser window EXCEPT when the bottom
of the page is also in view - then the bottom of the page will be placed at
the bottom of the window, and the bookmark will appear wherever it is.

It *sounds* like your links are linking to the bottom of the page - hence
the need to view the page in action.
Ron Symonds
Microsoft MVP (Expression Web)

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