Will not auto open .jpg

Jul 3, 2015
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I have Corel Paint Shop Pro 2020 set as the default for opening .jpg files as I usually want to edit when I open (and it's a good viewer). Clicking on a .jpg file works perfectly.

I have a spreadsheet with about 11,000 hyperlinks to .jpg's. Since the latest WIN10 or MS Office update when I click on a hyperlink it brings up Microsoft's dialogue box asking me whether I want to keep using PSP2020 for .jpg files. No matter how many times I say yes and tick the 'always use this app' box the next time I click a hyperlink it does the same. Clicking links for .jpg files in emails does the same thing.

This is a serious problem for me as some days I can click on several hundred hyperlinks.

Any suggestions?



Yorkshire Cruncher
Mar 21, 2007
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You could try uninstalling the latest Win10 update and see if it returns to how you like it. If that works for you at least you will know what the problem is and you could get onto MS about it.

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