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Sep 4, 2005
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This was way back in 1997 in India. I was working with a multinational company and there was this guy, a senior director, who got a brand new compaq desktop. They just delivered the box and he wanted me to fit it and get it running.

So, i connected everything and fire it up and while win95 was booting up, i told him to just use the mouse and click on the start button and have fun. I left him there.

About 20 minutes later, he calls me: "Venky... can you please help? I am clicking on the start button, but nothing is happening."

Knowing him, i asked, "are u sure you are using the mouse properly, does it move?" He says, yes yes... but nothing happens.

So i go to his office, and he has the mouse in his hand, placed physically, on the monitor, on the lower left corner and clicking away to glory :)

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