hp scanners



hp scanners ??


Please excuse my venting but have a hp scanjet 2400 and the original
disk. (and Windows XP and Service Pack 2)

It quit working.

ok---not unusual

On hp site they offer new downloads. For XP and Vista.

Big 200+ mb.

ok--I have fast dsl.

What I can't understand is why they offer downloads that do not
work ??

Everything goes ok until towards the end when it starts demanding to
install various disks like HP IMAGING. Why does it not say before the
download to have various disks available?

One can''t even buy the disks asked for.

I tried it on 5 different XP computers with Service Pack 2.

I'm tired.

Anybody any experience with the $50 scanners at Canon with no S&H ??


They have a basic feature driver that is only 2.6mb. You might also
check some of the patch and updatedownloads, there may be something to
help with your install problems.



Yes. I finally got the 2.6 download downloaded. With my DSL it took
about 20 minutes. It took 5 times at download to get it installed. It
would be asking to install various disks I don't have and at the end
tell you installation was a failure. Last try it seemed to finish the
installation OK but yet to try if it runs the scanner right. (I'm
tired and it's been very hot here)

Otherwise I am not sure about this HP Scanjet 2400. I don't seem to be
getting the perfection of scans I used to get. Blurred text when with
the naked eye nothing is blurred ?? I seem to see no calibration

My 'new' firewall pop-ups I give permission to I'm guesing they are
safe and from HP.

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