HP 2110 printing problem



I am having issues printing pages from the web. I have an HP 2110 all
in one. Whenever i print a page off i seem to get the images printing out
but no text. This is strange because if i print out a Word document i have
just typed up it prints out fine, its as if the settings for web pages has
the font colour set to white.

I usually print in greyscale and have plenty ink in my black cartridge, i
think it is a setting i have on my printer. Can anyone help?



Cari \(MS-MVP\)

If you use IE, Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, make sure under the
Printing portion that the box Print background colors and images is

If that still does not change things, uninstall and reinstall the printer...

If still no joy, post in the Internet Explorer newsgroup as this seems
application specific.

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