HP 1320 LaserJet printer prints too light

Discussion in 'Printers' started by Geluso, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. Geluso

    Geluso Guest

    I bought a HP LaserJet 1320 printer less than three weeks ago. The
    problem I'm having with it is that it is printing much lighter than
    it should be.

    I THINK the problem is that the printer is in EconoMode for the
    toner. Can anyone please tell me whether the 1320 is in EconoMode
    by default?

    If the printer is in EconoMode by default then my next question is:
    how do I get it out of this mode WITHOUT using a driver made for
    Windows? Let me explain my special situation... Because I have
    cerebral palsy, it would be extremely difficult for me to use a
    mouse. Consequently, I work in DOS, which I love.

    Therefore, as I see it, the only way I have to get the printer out
    of EconoMode (if EconoMode is the problem) is for me to issue the
    proper PCL or PJL command(s) to the printer. (I would have no
    trouble doing this, because I am proficient in writing computer
    software in QuickBasic.) My problem is: I can't find the proper
    commands to get my 1320 out of EconoMode. The tech support guy at
    Hewlett Packard couldn't help me with this.

    So, to sum up, I'd like to know: 1. if you think my light print
    problem is cause by EconoMode, and 2. if EconoMode is the problem,
    what are the PCL or PJL command(s) that would get the printer out of
    this mode.

    Your help in this matter would be VERY, VERY much appreciated.

    Bill Geluso
    Geluso, Dec 14, 2005
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  2. Geluso

    Tony Guest

    Firstly I doubt that economode is set by default, but maybe the printer is in
    economode for some reason.
    Secondly I would normally expect the problem to be the toner cartridge but
    assuming you have checked this my suggestions are as follows.
    1. Run two internal prints from the printer.
    a. By pressing the green "go" button briefly.
    b. By holding the green "go" button for 5 seconds.
    The first print should give you an indication of the print quality, if it
    is good then the printer itself is probably behaving normally.
    The second print will tell you exactly how the printer is set up. This
    includes whether economode is on or off and what print density it is set for
    (default is 3, range is 1-5).
    2. If economode is on or the print density is lower than 3 the easiest way to
    fix this is to do a cold reset on the printer as follows.
    Important note: This will reset the printer to factory defaults, the only
    setting that is critical is the jetdirect setting. Since you stated that your
    printer is a 1320 and that you are running DOS I am assuming that it does not
    have an "n" (for network) suffix eg 1320n. If I am right in this assumption you
    can ignore the jetdirect comments above, if it is a network printer the second
    printout from 1a should provide the jetdirect information which you may need to
    keep for future reference.
    Cold Reset Procedure:-
    a. Turn the printer power off
    b. Press and "hold" the green "go" button whilst turning the printer on.
    c. Continue to hold the go button for at least 5 seconds and until the amber
    attention light turns on (triangle with ! in the middle), this should occur
    before 15 seconds elapses.
    d. Release the go button.
    Factory defaults should now be reset and you can check using 1a whether any
    changes occurred.

    If the original 1a printout was poor (light) and a cold reset has not fixed the
    problem and you have replaced the toner cartridge then I suspect the printer
    needs service, hopefully it is under warranty.

    Please report back, if you would like the PJL technical reference guide which
    covers all the commands I will e-mail it to you, please advise. I am not
    skilled at talking to printers from DOS but it sounds like you know what you
    are doing.
    Good luck
    Tony, Dec 15, 2005
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  3. Geluso


    Jan 27, 2011
    Likes Received:

    Your instructions were very useful.

    Thank you very much. It worked with 1320n for me. I dont know how but the econo mode was set to ON and I was not able to figure out how to disable it. In case, if I want to only disable Econo mode without restting the printer to factory defaults, how can I do that ? Also if I want to change the density value from 3 to 5, how can I change it ?
    jigscap, Jan 27, 2011
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