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Robert J. Lafayette

Home Premium.

When I insert a blank DVD I wish usually to burn a DVD using my preferred

The pop up options window only shows various options, none of which allows
me to click on to my burning software.

I prefer to use DVD Decrypter to burn DVD's as it works best to me.

How can I amend this list to include my own software?

Please be very specific.

Thanks in advance,

Robert J. Lafayette

Thank you.

Tried your suggestion, Auto Play still pops up.

And I prefer to add DVD Decrypter to the Auto Play option if possible.


Robert J. Lafayette


apparently for this software,

only the PLAY MOVIE aspect is in the Auto Play, and not the Burn DVD aspect
of the software.

Kinda too bad. Will devise a probable simple solution but 'problem' is not

May try to find a burn software ( Blank DVD) I like better than the internal
function of DVD Decrypter, which burns ISO files to my liking.

Not familiar enough with the Vista Windows DVD Maker. Didn't work great
when I tried it previously. Maybe I'll try to learn it better.

Any thoughts on this software? Vista Windows DVD Maker


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