How to Run Windows Remote Desktop only once

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I use windows xp pro at my workplace. I remote to my file server (windows
server 2003). My printer is forwarded to the server. With administrative
priviliges I share that printer to be used with my software programs. The
problem setup: Make two remote desktop connections with the same user name.
Log off these sessions. Connect again and my printer is now unshared. This
has been quite a pain because sometimes I must guide someone over the phone
how to reshare the printer. Possible solutions: 1. Does Win XP Pro have a
policy (GP or user) to run RD only once? 2. Does WinServer2003 R2 have a
policy where the user is restricted to one terminal services session?




Are you using roaming profiles? If so, the reason is that Remote Desktop
establishes a new user-session for each connection. When those sessions are
closed, the last to be closed 'calls the tune' as far as any saved settings
go. -Known as the 'last man wins' principle.

Basically you must make a choice; multiple logons of the same account and
roaming profiles don't mix.

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