How to reverse self cancellation as Meeting Organizer?



Two weeks ago, I sent out an invite to an alias and exploded the alias to the
individual names, but didn't take my name off the list when I sent out the
original 'hold-the-date' invite. Now have sent out an update with the
content and dial in, and noticed I was on the invite list, so deleted my
name, since I was receiving the invite as an attendee.

As soon as I received the cancellation email, Outlook removed my entire
meeting from the calendar, but I am the meeting organizer. There are 30
people who have this meeting on their calendars, but I don't have it on mine.
Is there a way to reverse a self cancellation, or add myself back into the
meeting invite that has disappeared from my calendar view? If I add another
meeting at the same timeslot, it will send out a second invite for a separate
meeting to the other 30 people.

Any advice much appreciated! (I sure will be more careful when sending
meeting invites to aliases in the future.) :)

holly campbell

Does anyone have a solution to the previous post? I have found myself in the same situation. Or did the original person that posted this situation identify a work around?


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