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I am using Outlook 2007 and am attempting to use a resource calendar. I've
setup the resource scheduling on the mailbox of the resource to allow it to
automatically accept meeting requests and process cancellations and
automatically decline conflicting meeting requests.

My question...when a meeting is cancelled by the organizer, I see in the
resource calendar that the meeting was cancelled, but it still appears in the
calendar. I would like for this meeting to be deleted as well. When I send
the cancellation, I never get the options to send and delete, it just sends
the cancellation without any prompts.

Is this even an option of Outlook 2007 and Exchange?

Diane Poremsky {MVP}

it won't delete it from the calendar when cancelled - this is so people
don't think 'wow, I'm sure I had a meeting scheduled. I wonder what happened
to it?" if it were deleted when cancelled.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]
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