How to restore Active directory in different hardware

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Hai guys.

We have one HP server with windows2000 root DC.Compaq
server with aditional-DC running with Exchange2000 server.

Now we brought one new Compaq server.we want to move the
root-DC to Compaq server with all user accounts and ADS to restore in new hardware.
How to make My additional-DC replicate with new Compaq

We taken ADS backup with system stat in both machines.
Is it possiable.
pls guys give some solutions.


Hi, just setup the new server as a new DC, set the new DC
as Global Catalog Server (GCS) and remove the old one as
GCS with AD sites and Services tool, and move all FMSO
roles to the new server like, PDC emulatorn, RID, Domain
Naming Mastrer, Schema master and so on.. then make sure
the changes has replicated, you can do a manually
replicate with AD sites and Services or with repelmon from
windows2000 support tools.

Now you just run DCPROMO on the old HP server and you are

Jan 20, 2011
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if you try to get a totally same hardware with the same system, installed programs and applications, for sure, with the same configuration, I would share two common ways to do
the first one is to back up the whole system, then use universal restore. universal restore is used for restoring server to other computers
the second way is to clone the whole system located hard disk to another hard disk
hopefully it is useful

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