How to remove multi language pack from CD2?



I installed the two chinese languages from CD2 on my XP pro. Didn't
like it. I want to remove the pack and the language bar but I cannot
find the "remove" function. Not in the Control panel.


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Go to control panel.
Choose regional and language options
click on the languages tab.
the checkbox will be checked for either or bot the check boxes.
uncheck them and then click Apply and then ok. Then the process of removing
these features will work and finally u might have to reboot your computer.
this will remove the features as well as remove the language bar.

M. Rajesh
.Net and Windows Shell MVP
Firstly , the only check box on "languages" tab is to install files
for complex script..etc.

Secondly, will that also remove all the files and keys?? It took quite
a bit of file copying when I installed it.

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