How to open Epson 4990 scanner body?


Guido Haase

Hello everybody,

in March 2005 I bought an Epson Perfection 4990 Photo. So far I'm very
happy about this deal because it's a relatively sheep method to scan
my 6x6 transparencies and negatives.

Now, using the 4990 nearly one year I accidentally saw a slightly
layerof dust one the glass plate mounted in the body (not the top) of
the device. After cleaning the upper side of the glass plate I noticed
the slightly layer of dust still remains, i.e. it's on the lower side
of the glass plate. The dust itself looks like the dust on windshield
in your car if it isn't cleaned from inside for a long time. I hope
you what I mean.

For cleaning this side of the glass plate I'll need to open the body.
But, the only screws I see are 4 at the back in the connectors area.
Two other ones are placed at the end of the two tetragonal holes where
the two brackets of the top have been plugged before lifting it.

So my question is, if the body can be opened by removing some of this
screws and if so, which one(s) have to be removed. Or if there is any
other way to open the body and clean the lower side of the glass

May be there's a trick or there are some "hidden" screws which can't
be seen directly. May be there is a disassembling manual or exploded
drawing available on the web - but where?

By the way I've asked the service at Epson. A friendly technician
told me that the problem is well known, but Epson isn't willing to
give tips for tinkerer. Service manuals or exploded drawings won't be
give away. But, it would be up to me to send the scanner for
repairing. There'll be an all-inclusive price of 153,- EUR (~ 187,- $
US) for repairing it whatever the damage will be, including the
cleaning of the glass plate.

In other words this means, if I'll send the scanner for cleaning the
glass plate to Epson's Service three times it's the same price like
buying a new scanner - nice, isn't it?

So please let me know if anyone of you has experience(s) with opening
the body and/or cleaning the lower side of the glass plate.

Thanks and by for now



There is a .pdf file showing how to disassemble the 2450 through 4870 in the
files section of the 4870/4990 Users Group
( Exploded parts diagrams are also
posted in the files section. The 4990 is similar but I believe it has two
more screws under those button caps on the top of the cover. Since the caps
are easy to scratch up when taking them out, most people think the screws
under the caps help serve as an indicator to the factory that a scanner has
been opened (thus voiding the warranty). Therefore, be careful if your
scanner is still under warranty. Once person ordered replacement caps from
somewhere just in case (I think it was Epson Europe).


Guido Haase

Do you actually notice any impact on the image ?

Thank you for your reply!

There are two things disturbing me:

1. If you scan an unicolored sheet, let's say white or light gray,
you can see very light shadowed area, i.e. they dont have
a homogeneous color/brightness gradient.

2. There are one small white particle exactly in the for line
of the 6x6 MF Filmholer. So each time I scan two pictures
without moving the Film in the Filmholder I've to Photoshops
tools to remove this pattern.

In former times I used AGFA scanners and they recommeded
to clean the glasses every 1-1,5 years.



Guido Haase

Hi Doug,

many, many thanks for your hint!

In the yahoo group I found a manual for dissambling my scanner
(and a hint of a very friendly guy about a mistake he made on
dissambling his scanner - to prevent others from repeating this
mistake) and an exploded drawing - exactly what I wanted and needed
and what Epson Germany wasn't willing to give away. But, as you see
the world is small, isn't it?

The names of this documents - available in file area after joining the
yahoo group - are:

- Perfection 4990 Photo Exploded Diagram.pdf
- Dismantling the Epson Flatbeds.pdf

By the way the guy who wrote the dissambling manual has the same
problem like me - he wants to remove dust on the lower side of the
glas plate.

That's internet from it's best side!

Thanks to all you are working (on) it in this way



The Epson 4870 can be cleaned, though removing the top is tedious
(releasing locking screw and then easing out 3 clips to the front). Be
careful with the front right hand side clip, as it's the one that sticks.
Sitting the scanner back on its end can help to release this. You may need
a friend to assist with a cloth in readiness to mop your forehead.

I found only detergent and water would remove the oily like film on the
glass's underside. In fact, every attempt to clean the glass with
conventional glass cleaner just resulted in smears. The final clean was
with standard window cleaner followed by Yamaha Extra High Gloss Furniture
Polish (polyester non-static Piano cleaner), and a buff with a soft cotton
cloth. Then came the torch test to see if any lint was present. A few
blasts from a can of compressed air will remove any lint. Finally reattach
lid, easing the front clips in then the locking mechanism.

The Yamaha cleaner is great for cleaning the whole unit, plastic and glass.
It actually repels lint and finger prints from the glass.

Aug 4, 2011
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Epson 4990 Scanner.

REMOVAL OF "BUNGS" Without damage! To open the body without destroying the two circular bungs on the top of the scanner body.
Clean the two bungs with isopropyl alcohol to remove any grease, dry, then stick and inch or so of gaffa tape pressing firmly only on the bung. Wait a few moments then remove smartly!
They will pop cleanly out.
Aug 24, 2013
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Hello, I need to disassemble EPSON 4990 Scanner in order to clean the glass: both the body glass and the top glass. Is there any guide with photos available in the interenet. The Yahoo group mentioned above is no longer available. Thank you.
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