Epson 2480, how to clean the underside of the glass?


Alan Meyer

I've got a few grains of annoying dust on the underside
of my Epson 2480 glass plate. There's also some
smudge of some kind in a few places. I'd love to
open and clean it.

I removed the lid of the scanner, then removed the two
phillips head screws on the back side. The glass plate
then appeared to be held by small plastic retaining
splines poking into slots on each side of the glass
plate holder. But, using carefully applied force, I was
unable to remove the cover holder from the scanner,
and I was afraid to use more force.

Has anyone done this successfully? Is there a
trick to it? Have I missed something that's holding
the glass plate holder on?

Someone posted some wonderful instructions for the
2450, but sadly, or maybe not so sadly since the
instructions looked quite complicated, the 2480
appears to be different.

Feb 18, 2006
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This post helped some, but didn't seem to describe my scanner exactly.

My scanner sounds like yours from the description. What I did was:
- removed the two phillips head screws in the back
- found two "catches" on the sides between the scanner top and bottom
- gently applied pressure pulling the top and bottom apart from the back
- freed the catches one by one, back to front (I did one side at a time)
- carefully separated the top and bottom--they come completely apart
- removed the top and cleaned the glass--a dry microfiber cloth worked great
- reattached the top and bottom working from front to back
- replaced the phillips head screws

It was surprisigly easy once I figured out the catches.
Jun 13, 2020
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Just cleaned the glass on my 2480 Photo, thanks to the above help. No real difficulties having followed the advice, but as with any plastic clips and removing parts, a little bit of patience is required during the process, gentle coaxing/persuasion when separating the plastics. I actually turned the scanner upside down to help me see what was going on. The front of the plastic where the control buttons are gave the most difficulty, but I didn't want to damage anything so just took my time and eased it around until it came apart. Anyhow, I now have clean glass inside and out, having got some ugly marks from storage conditions as the scanner had laid dormant for 5 years since a house move, now it's time to digitise some old negatives and they're coming out a real success.

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