How to modify/update multipe {mandatory|roaming} user profiles


Joe Black


We have a small LAN with:

1 Windows 2000 Server which acts as a Domain Controller
12 client workstations with Windows 2000
a few dozen users

We need to assign a {mandatory|custom roaming} user profile to several
users, but they are too many to do this one by one.

First of all, we tried to follow the instructions in the Windows 2000 Server
help 'roaming user profiles, preconfigured'. There we read:

"The first time the user logs on, instead of getting a copy of the default
profile, the user gets a copy of the preconfigured user profile from the
server. Thereafter, the user profile functions just as a standard roaming
user profile does. Each time the user logs off, the user profile is saved
locally and is also copied to the server."

Well... it doesn't work. The user still gets another default profile (which,
BTW is stored where exactly?)

Then we tried to follow the instructions in KB323368 "HOW TO: Assign a
Mandatory User Profile in Windows 2000". This failed too, but perhaps we've
misunderstood something. What exactly does step 3.5 mean? If the template
user described in step 1 is called joe and the user we want to assign the
mandatory profile to is called susan, in the 'Profile path' in Active
Directory Users and Computers, do we type \\server\profiles\susan or
\\server\profiles\joe? If it's the latter, then should all the user's
profiles point to the same profile, ie the profile of joe? And if it's so,
then how many folders should the profile folder contain? Only one, ie the
folder containing the profile of joe?

In KB302082 "How To Create a Roaming User Profile in Windows 2000" we read
in step 7: "In the User Profile Path box, type the UNC path to the network
profile folder. For example: \\server_name\Profiles\user_name". Again, it is
not clear which user_name is supposed to be typed in the Profile Path box,
joe's or susan's?

So... what do we do?

How do we create a custom roaming user profile?
How do we assign a custom mandatory user profile?
And how on Earth do we do this massivly, ie for a few dozen users at a

Thank you for time,





Have you tried to exactly follow the steps described in the article:
HOW TO: Assign a Mandatory User Profile in Windows 2000;en-us;323368

I mean... this is the way... if something goes wrong, follow the procedures
from the beginning. Article 323368 is for mandatory profiles creation, just

1. Create a template user account e.g. Man_user in Active Directory Users
and Computers.
2. Log on to a client machine with the account Man_user.
3. Configure the desktop settings that you want to use in the profile.
4. Log off from this computer.
5. Create a network share e.g. on a server: \\server_name\mandatory. Perform
step 2.2
6. Log on on a client machine with the Administrator account e.g.
7. Perform steps 2.4 - 2.5. Select in the "user Profiles" tab the
Domain_name\Man_user profile then click Copy To.
8. In step 2.7 select the \\server_name\mandatory share.
9. Perform the rest of the steps in Step 2.
10. In Active Directory Users and Computers select the user you want to
assign this mandatory profile. E.g. Your real user JOE.
11. Perform 3.3 and 3.4.
12. In the Profile Path type \\server_name\mandatory and click OK.
13. Log on to a client machine with the account JOE. Are the settings of the
mandatory profile applied for the user JOE? Add some shortcuts on the
14. Log off and log on again to the workstation using the account JOE. The
new shortcuts must have been deleted from the desktop.
15. Use the same procedure for all your users you want to apply a mandatory

Hope it helps...

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