How to Manage HDD Permissions



I create 3 Partation C,D,E. I installed only OS on drive C, all softwares
(office 2003, oracle, winzip etc) on drive D, and drive E is only for users
data storing.
Now I want all users (Expect Administrators) cant create file & folder on
drive C & D. Users can create their files & folders on drive E and full
control their respective object. How to I manage these permissions.
I am waiting for your solution.



Steven L Umbach

On C and D drive check the root/drive folder and make sure that users or
everyone has no more that read/list/execute permissions. On the E drive give
users read/list permissions. By default users that logon locally to that
computer will have full control permissions to their profile folder under
the document and settings folder on the system drive and need it for emails
and such. You could try to selectively disable their write access on their
profile subfolders such as my documents to try and force them to save to
their other folders you want to create. You would have to take ownership of
their profile folder and change the permissions after their user profile has
been created. Also in the all users profile, users may have write access to
the application data subfolders but if you restrict that some applications
may not work right. You will have to review that and test it out. On the E
drive create the user's folder and give them explicit full control to just
their folder and remove all other groups except system unless you want
administrators to have access also A user or group will need write, modify,
or full control to a folder to write files. Modify will also give them the
ability to delete files. --- Steve

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