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How can I make a shortcut to an FTP site in Vista? Using XP this is easy
using My Network places, but there is no such thing in Vista (apart from
"Network" which does not seem to have a possebility to add shortcut to FTP
servers). I would like the shortcut to use Explorer (not Internet Explorer)
to connect to the site (non-anonymous).

In Vista (and XP) it is easy to enter en FTP-address directly in the address
bar of Explorer, but having a shortcut is convenient.

I have copied a couple of shortcuts to FTP sites made using Windows XP to my
Vista system and I have noticed that they work OK on Vista also (they get an
icon different from shortcuts made in Vista using "New" | "Shortcut"




jay munro [MSFT]

Hi Jorgen,

Changes in Internet Explorer (IE) have made it so standard FTP url shortcuts
open in IE not, computer (or Windows Explorer). You need to add them as a
Network Location (and then drag it to your desktop if you want).

Here's the basic steps.

1. Open computer.
2. Right-click anywhere in the folder, and then click Add a Network
3. In the wizard, select "Choose a custom network location", click next.
4. Enter the name of the FTP site, with the full FTP:// in front of it, and
click next.
5. Uncheck "Log on anonymously", and enter a user name. Click next.
6. If you want to open the site when you close, just click next, or clear
the "Open this network location." checkbox. Click Finish.
When the site opens, you'll be prompted for a password if it's the first
time you connect. Otherwise, it'll just go in. In Computer, under Network
Locations, you'll see a shortcut for the site, which you can drag to your
desktop for convenience.

(thanks to Gloria and Charlene for their help on this).






In Relation to this. I have successfully added a network place as you
described below, but:
1. when I am prompted for my password, it is rejected every time even though
it is accepted on my XP machine.
2. When I go to the HTTP site I get prompted for my password here as well
3. I cannot seem to get vista to let me delete the connection.

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