FTP in IE7 on Vista Business does not work at all




I have a new laptop with Vista Business 32-bit (German) installed, and IE7
cannot access any ftp sites. It is not the problem often reported that IE7
does not show a folder view of the ftp sites, but it cannot access the sites
at all! Windows Explorer cannot access the sites as well, so FTP seems to be
completely broken.

I tried the commandline ftp-client, and with this one I can connect to a ftp
site and list the files and directories. I tried ftp://ftp.vim.org/ and

I have my antivirus software uninstalled, and disabled the Windows firewall.
I have another PC in my LAN with XP and IE7 installed, and with this one I
can connect to the two above mentioned ftp sites.

At work I have Vista Business 64-bit (English), and with this one it is
possible to access the two ftp sites.

I have also tried "netsh winsock reset" at the command line, but it didn't
change anything. I changed passive ftp on/off in "Internet Options >
Advanced", but it didn't help as well.

"Diagnose Connection Problems" came up with the message, that the problem
cannot be solved automatically.

It looks like that FTP is not available for IE7 and Windows Explorer, but
how could that be possible, and how could one change that?

Thanks for any advice!





Well, I kind of solved it... by installing a fresh copy of Windows Vista...
Now it works flawlessly! It is a new Laptop, so I had not installed many
things anyway... phew.

Must have been something during installing the programs, that caused the FTP
to be broken, maybe it will occure again, but not so far. So I think
reinstalling solved my problem...


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