How to maintain settings between two different printers?



I'm not sure if this is really a question for a Word group. If not, can
someone please direct me to the correct newsgroup?

I am preparing our church newsletters. I have Word 2007, but newsletters
are saved to Word 97-2003 because the church has Word 2003. I prepare the
newsletter at home and e-mail it to the church office. The problem is that
if I select a font at home (for example, for headings), the printer at the
church often does not have that font. Therefore, columns and pages may
break at strange or inappropriate points. I can use plain-vanilla Times New
Roman for everything, but I would like to be able to select other fonts. Is
there any way in Word for the church secretary to print out a document with
samples of all fonts available on her printer? That way, I could select
fonts that I know will not be "changed" by the church printer.
Incidentally, I went online to see if I could possibly install her printer
on my computer. I'm not sure if that would have worked, but I could not
even find a reference to the model number she gave me.


Terry Farrell

This may be two different problems, but I doubt it is the printer, unless
the printer has been incorrectly set up to use its printer resident fonts
instead of the TrueType fonts. As I say, that scenario is unlikely.

More likely is that you are using fonts that came with Word 2007 which are
different from previous fonts supplied with Office. You should be able to
resolve most of these problems by downloading and installing the free Office
2007 Compatibility pack for Office 2000 - 2003. Then the church PC will not
only be able to open your Word 2007 documents, but it will have all the new
Office 2007 fonts too as they are part of the Compatibility pack.

Jay Freedman

Since you have Word 2007, you can use Office button > Save As > PDF to create a
PDF file that faithfully reproduces what you've prepared. Send that to the
church secretary, who needs only the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to
print it.

Any other solution is going to be much more difficult.

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
Email cannot be acknowledged; please post all follow-ups to the newsgroup so all
may benefit.


I don't think PDF would work because the secretary occasionally needs to add
a "last minute" item. Those changes did not create the problem, but she
would need to be able to edit the document. In addition, she uses the
previous newsletter to show Activities for the next newsletter, then sends
that to me. So, she needs to be able to edit and not merely print the
document. I will look into Terry's suggestion and see if I can work with
that (and any other suggestions you may have).


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