How to install x86 .inf file over Windows 7 64 bit?



I had USB scanner UMAX Astra 4500.
Hardware info:
There is no drivers under Windows 7 64 bit.

I founded some drivers via internet:

1. Windows XP x86 driver v.2.6
(inf file inside)
2. Windows Vista x86 driver v2.6.
(inf file inside)
3. Windows XP x86 driver astra 4500
(inf file inside)

When I try to install any of this files through Install menu over inf
file I got error: The INF file your selected does not support this
method of installation.

If I try to search driver: Driver -> Update Driver -> Browse for
driver software on your computer (include subfolders) I got: Windows
could not find driver software for you device.

If I try to manually install driver: Driver -> Update Driver -> Let me
pick from a list ... -> Show All devices Next -> Have disk -> Select
Astra4500.inf -> Ok: The folder you specified doesn't contain a
compatible software driver for your device. If the folder contains a
driver, make sure it is designed to work with Windows for x64-based

I also request UMAX support, but they told that doesn't support more
this product :(
How I can install .inf file through troubleshot mode (I know such way
for exe installers:

Thanks a lot.




x86 drivers can't be installed in any way on x64 systems, not even by
tweaking the inf file.
Something that could work would be to install a Virtual Machine inside
Windows 7 x64, setup an x86 OS inside the VM and install the scanner software



Dave T.

Dominic said:
The Astra 4500 is a very old scanner and Umax never produced any 64-bit

It is not supported for 64-bit even by Vuescan as it would require a
manufacturer produced WIA driver.

Silverfast supports
it, but at the price you would do much better buying a new scanner.

May be an error. See the legend.

This says no compatibility with vista 32 or 64 bit.

Dave T.
(who hates top-posting)

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