How To: HP ScanJet 5300C/Make Work Consistently (Finally!!!)


Chad Harris

I hope this helps some people. I rarely post to more than one group, but I
know some people have tried hard to get older scanners and printers working
often without sucesss. It's sure not a setup issue, but the setup group
has morphed into a whatever you want to post about including Outlook since
Vista RTM'd--and I want to reach anyone who has had the problem of getting
an older printer or scanner since many of them are HP to work.

I have seen posts over the months on trying to get older HP Scanners to
work on Vista on these groups. How old? I bought this scanner in 2000.
It's an **HP SJ 5300C. Are the new HP scanners spiffier? Of course --Blue
Toothed and flat panelesque. Are they that much better in quality for my
needs? Nope. Not if you darken and custom scan and darken for copying and
use "best quality." I've compared.

Through all the Beta builds of Vista, I was able to get the scanner driver
installed and working but not without a struggle. I futzed with the New
Hardware wiz, device manager install (essentially the same thing). I used
my old Vista trick of going directly to the file path of the driver files
which does come in handy and after a struggle I got the scanner working BUT
it would stop working after a time in the last few buillds including all the
builds that TAP had). Vista RTM said it was installed, but it did not work
despite Dev Manager and the CP saying it was fine and it tested fine (il.e.
that driver was fine and the test scan when you opened the CP applet
"worked", but it would not scan or copy.

I'm not sure of the physiology going on there-but maybe an incompatibility
was causing the driver to corrupt. I talked with the members of the MSFT
print team on a Beta Print chat, and on the groups, and they said

1) Security in progressive builds was breaking some of these older drivers
2) To hunt for a Twain DS driver (I made an exhaustive search and could not
find one that would work.

I got excited when someone posted an alternative driver that would work for
this model a few months ago on the Vista general group, but that driver
wouldn't fly for me on any Vista boxes.


This morning I badly needed to copy/scan, and I just didn't want to go to my
XP boot to do it on this box. I decided I would use my bi-monthly, stubborn
brain dead never give up spirit and try to install the printer (I'd think of
some new twist).

Device Manager always said the driver was working; and if I opened the
scanner it's icon was there at the CP applet, and the new Vista test scanner
said it tested fine, but the Scanner was not listed on Program Files, and
when I tried to use it, it said it wasn't "registered or connected."

One thing you must understand about MSFT and Vista--Billl Gates may have $42
billion or so--he knows where the next meal is coming from--his kids have
college financed --and Melinda can shop without going check to check, but
the richest man in the world doesn't have enough money to buy an employee
who since 1995 (when Device Manager was introduced) has been able to make
Device Manager convey a reliable indication of a driver *working. It has
never done this, and in another chat I got the Device gurus to admit it
wasn't going to in Vista. After all, MSFT sometimes takes their time
(X-Box, Zune---> eventually catch up with Ipod's features if ever).

If you think you're a "power Windows user", an IT girl or guy, or a
developer, or you are a MSFTie and you think ole Device Manager is a
reliable biopsy of driver health, you're malpracticing. It ain't so. It's
the equivalant of a bad lab. It's going to say a driver works beautiful
when it is not properly registered, there is an .inf problem, or the driver
is trashed for a panoply of reasons. Why they won't/can't fix it? I asked
and then got no response from the Softies on the device teams in that chat.
I would love to know.

*****To Install an HP Scanjet 5300C that will work consistently (after
nearly two years of trying):

1) HP says they are not going to make a 5300 sj (and other older scanner)
drivers that are Vista compatible and buy a new one. This is from the top
at their tech support and from their web site). Ignore them. They are dead
wrong and yes Virginia they want to sell you a new one.

2) Download the driver onto your Vista drive rather than any other drive or
run from the site (does not matter):

3) You don't need the update on the site for any reason here.

4) You will not need to run the Add Hdw Wiz nor run from a right click in
Device manager (devmgmt.msc in run).

5) You should see the wizards, including HP's install wiz that uses the
install shield complete successfully.

6) If so, you will see all the applications of the Scanner on Program Files
on the Start Menu and in the C:\(or whatever drive Vista is on)\Program
Files\Hewlett-Packard\Precision Scan folder.

7) ****Right click the scanner on the Start Menu Program Files
list>Properties> and using the Security Tab, make sure that you have
assigned permission for the users you want to be able to run it. I've found
that the default may not allow this. Use the edit button, select the user
level, and then put in the check marks>close>reopen>close.

If this helps one person use an older scanner/or perhaps a printer (My
Brother printer has always worked on Vista every build) then I'm happy.

Since I have been beating my head against the wall to make this happen since
summer 1995, I am about as happy as if someone knocked on my door and
delivered me a free high end HP Scanner. HP said I'd never get this done,
and the MSFT print team said they doubted I would, and HP has a learning
curve to work on for HP printers and scanners.


Chad Harris

I appreciated the post that originally suggested that but I could not make
it work. I have my scanner working now via the method I used. I hope it
works for most people on over 700 scanners. It did not work for me.



i need your help, so hopefully you can help.
I have just got a laptop that has vista on it, but its doesnt support my
old software of Print shop pro.
Have you any idea of which software is compatible or any new software that
could do the job

Dan [MSFT]

This isn't really a forum for dealing with 3rd party software problems, but
you might want to take a look around BorderBund's website I looked around a bit but didn't find much. You
might also try running it as adminiastrator (right click the icon & select
"Run as administrator").



I have a PC with Windows Vista Home premium installed. I have a new HP
Scanjet G3010 with Photosmart software. Previously I had a PC with Windows 98
and a Scanjet 7200 which suited me fine. I like to scan pictures and copy
them into a word file and then resize and drag and drop them as wished. No
problem with the old system, or on the new system with old word/scan files.
But when I scan a new pic on new system and save as jpeg and copy to new word
file, I can resize, rotate, but not drag and place in new positions. I am old
and frustrated not familiar with all the jargon, I just have no idea who to
ask such a simple question. If you can't help please suggest someone who can
(without massive charge).

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