Deleting scanner driver



HP has opted not to make its 5300C scanner compatible with Vista. I have
found (actually, purchased) a driver (VueScan) which the author says will
will work with Vista.

The problem, however, is that Vista contains the incompatible HP driver
(somewhere), so that every time I remove/uninstall the HP driver, it, upon
rebooting, searches, finds and re-installs the HP driver.

I have unistalled the HP software using Control Panel. I have uninstalled
the HP driver using Device Manager. I have attempted to manually update the
driver using Device Manager (again, it updates using the incompatible HP
driver). And, in utter frustration, deleted the HP software using RegEdit.

How can I get the OS to recognize and install the VueScan driver?


When you uninstalled the driver in the device manager did you check the box
marked delete this driver from the computer?


If you boot up with the USB cable not plugged into the PC you can then
install the software and only plug the cable in when told to by the
installation software or after you reach [Finish]

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