Installing Driver HP Scanjet 3800 - Help


Jorge - Brazil

I am trying to install the Scanjet 3800 driver in one PC with Vista Starter
and one Notebook with Vista Home Premium. In both cases the installing
process stops with a message asking for login as administrator. As a matter
of fact in both computers I am logged as administrator.
I downloaded drivers from HP homepage for Windows Vista.
HP says it is a system problem, and I am for months trying to solve the
Could anybody help me?

Cal Bear '66

DID you try to right click on the driver SETUP.EXE file and select "Run As

You are not a true administrator when you are logged on as an administrator; you
are really logged on as an "administrative USER".

By the way, posting and re-posting and re-posting again and again will not get
you ANY responses any sooner -- it will only serve to annoy possible

I Bleed Blue and Gold

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