How to Delete Norton Antispam folder?



Currently Norton AntiSpam moves spam looking e-mails to a "Norton AntiSpam"
folder in Outlook and it works well. However, after I review the folder and
delete the spam, they move to my Deleted folder and I have to go to the
Deleted folder and delete them again to remove them permanently.

After I review the e-mails in the NAS folder and moved out any
wrongly-assigned e-mails, I would like to just delete the spam once. Is
there a way to get them to be deleted permanently in just one step?

Using Outlook 2000 on XP with NIS 2006.

TIA for any suggestions,

Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

Use Shift+Delete. That "hard deletes" the items and they will bypass the
Deleted Items folder. Be sure you want them deleted though, they're
completely gone after that.


Hi Ken,

Sweet! Thx a mint! Before I posted, I looked under the Help of Outlook but
couldn't find any more info on permanent delete. Your solution works great
and will save me daily frustrations!


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