How to close all open workbooks in Excel 2007



Hi folks,

I remember somebody has posted here the way how to do that. No VBA, just
some settings in Excel 2007. Then it would react the same way as Excel 2003,
e.g. closing all open workbooks after clicking on x while holding shift key.
I set up my Excel that way but it has been changed accidentally and now I
cannot find that post again, would be anybody so kind and reply once again?

Thx in advance,
Jul 17, 2011
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Excel 2010 for Dummies had the answer for me. Not as neat as the old clicking on the red X in the top right but the keyboard shortcut Alt-FX does the same trick.

Noting this used to only work for me in Excel as part of Office 2003 Professional. In the cheaper version of Office with only Word & Excel 2007, the "close all open workbooks" function never seemed to work. I figured it was one of the little hooks to get you pining for the Professional version.

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