Keeps returning to Excel 2003 for new workbooks in Excel 2007



I have recently converted to Excel 2007 -- I would like the default to be
when I open a new workbook that it defaults to a 2007 workbook(.xlsx).

I have been going into Excel Options from the circle in the top left and
then click on Advanced - then Save - Then in Save fiiles in this format I
select "Excel Workbook(.xlsx).

When I have that session of Excel open when I add a new workbook it will
default to a 2007 workbook, but once I close that session of Excel and then
start it again it goes back to 2003.

Is there any way to keep the default to 2007????




Ron de Bruin

Jim Rech posted this

You should see if there is some issue saving the change to the registry, or
reading it from the registry when Excel starts up.

The setting is saved here:


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