Close all oben workbooks at once in Excel 2007



Hi, in Excel 2003 I am able to close all open workbooks at once. Click on x
button on one of workbooks while holding shift key does it. I remember
somebody posted how to do the same in Excel 2007, but forgot the trick. It
has something to do with general setup of Excel. Any idea? Thanks in advance.


If you type:-

close all workbooks

- into the F 1 Help Facility you will see all of the options that are

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Hi, I did not find what I wanted in F1 help instructions. I know I can add
icon for closing all open workbooks to the ribbon with my favorites.
However, I would prefer to do it as simply as just clicking on x while
holding shift key and I know it works somehow, when I set up Excel in proper
way. But forgot how to set up Excel. In F1 help file I did not find such
instructions. Also, in Excel 2003 it was possible to use several others icons
in combination with shift key. Shift key in this case works as switch. For
instance, if I click on insert row icon while holding shift key, it actually
removes the row. I like this feature and would like to use the same feature
in Excel 2007. Then, I can save space in my favorite icons riboon for other
icons, I do not need to place twin icons in there, just place one of the
couple and via shift key to call the opposite action.
Jul 17, 2011
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Excel 2010 for Dummies had the answer for me. Not as neat as the old clicking on the red X in the top right but the keyboard shortcut Alt-FX does the same trick.

Noting this used to only work for me in Excel as part of Office 2003 Professional. In the cheaper version of Office with only Word & Excel 2007, the "close all open workbooks" function never seemed to work. I figured it was one of the little hooks to get you pining for the Professional version

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