How to clean a printer




Jerry G.

I use a an air compressor unit, and blow air through it. If the printer
needs service, and it is not an expensive one, it goes to the dumpster. If
it is a very expensive printer, I send it out for service to the manufacture
service rep.


Jerry G.

Anyone knows how to do a deep cleaning of a printer? Thank you


Anyone knows how to do a deep cleaning of a printer? Thank you

How deep? What's the "dirt" consist of?

Paper fuzz can be blown out. It's not a good idea to use
degreaser due to the rubber and grease inside.
Pinch-rollers can be cleaned with alcohol. It's not really
necessary to clean the entire thing either, not of typical
light smoke or dust, etc, though important to keep air
passages clear, especially if a laser with internal power
supply, fans.

If you just dumped toner everywhere, try a leaf blower
outside. If ink, try windows or veyr mild ammonia & alcohol
and let dry very thoroughly, several days or good forced-air
on it.


Enry said:
Anyone knows how to do a deep cleaning of a printer? Thank you
Throw it in the dishwasher - avoid the "heat to dry" setting.
It works great on greasy hand tools


Throw it in the dishwasher - avoid the "heat to dry" setting.
It works great on greasy hand tools

You don't necessarily want all the grease out though do you?
Gears, bearing and such do tend to like having grease on


Some printers require a special sticky cleaning paper. The paper rolls
throught the printer and the little scraps of paper and other debris sticks
to it. You can buy the cleaning paper in any office supply store that sells
regular printer paper.




kony said:
You don't necessarily want all the grease out though do you?
Gears, bearing and such do tend to like having grease on
He's either joking or FOS. Perhaps both.


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He's either joking or FOS. Perhaps both.

Possibly, though a lot of parts can be cleaned that way.
I'd expect an ink-jet type would survive a dishwasher if the
heads and carts were removed, though I don't know how it
would effect the paper feed mechanism, nor how long it'd
take to dry out as some have a fairly enclosed internal
power supply.


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