How to backup SyncToy 2.0




Every now and then, I lose my SyncToy 2.0 configuration. The most recent
happened when I backed off Vista SP1 RC. How can I backup my config?

I see that version 2.0 now uses SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition. How is
this backed up? Microsoft Data Protection Manager doesn't recognize it.

What is the purpose of the
"SyncToy_2b1e1fb1-f32a-4de5-a4fb-86f429d75baf.dat" files?


I think you're looking to backup your folder pair configuration, not
necessarily the metadata files that SyncToy uses for each end of the folder
pair to store snapshot information. SyncToy help file tells you where to find
the folder pair configuration file (it's under your App Data folder). You can
manually back it up from this location.

The .dat files are the SQL Compact Edition files that are used as the
snapshot files for each end of the folder pair - this is how SyncToy figures
out what changes to sync since the last session. If you're talking about
normal file backup/restore, these should be treated exactly like the data
files you're trying to synchronize.

Hope that helps,

Ashish Shah
SyncToy Development

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