SYNCTOY 2.0 Copying Everytime instead of Syncing




I installed synctoy 2.0beta a while ago and have just four file-pairs that I
like to keep updated on both my laptop and backup drive. It seems to be fine
when I regularly sync, but one of the file pairs is my very large music file.
This I back up less often as it doesn't change much. However, whenever I do
sync it it takes about a day, and seems to copy every single file again
rather than just checking for new files and adding them to the backup. I
don't edit these files meanwhile and wonder if there is a more efficient way
to backup my music so that it doesn't keep taking this long.

I use Windows Vista and copy to an external hard-drive via USB if this makes
any difference. I play the music via Windows Media Player, and the tracks
are ripped off my own disks rather than downloaded music.

I am unsure what is relevant, but here are the details for this file-pair.
Action: Synchronize. Options: all files included, do not check file contents,
no file attributes excluded, no files excluded, all subfolders included, save
overwritten files in the recycle bin, active for run all.

If anyone could advise me I would really appreciate your time.




This is a known issue for which we currently don't have any good workaround.
The problem is that Windows media player (and other media players possibly)
change the contents of your media files for metadata updates every time you
access or play the file in the media player software (e.g., last played time,
play counts, star ratings, etc..). SyncToy cannot distinguish this from an
actual content update to the file's stream and hence the re-syncing.

We will look for a solution to this in the next major release for SyncToy -
for now I'm afraid you have to live with the re-syncing.

Ashish Shah

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