Synctoy feature request



I would like to be able to backup files like

This is because i "brand" my different folders with different icons
different background images and different icon-text-colors

Is it possible to include in the new synctoy a list of pre-choosen files not
to sync
(ex the one mentioned above) but with the ability to UNCHECK them if you
actually DO WANT TO SYNC THEM.... Cause I really want to sync such files.
Inorder to keep the backup looking like the source, and so that one does not
have to manually go over 10.000 folders to change theyr folder icons back,
whenever one has to utilize the backup files...

It would be much better if you included a list of "pre-choosen" files that
synctoy doesnt sync, and then let the user UNCHECK the one's that the
actually do want to sync anyways...

I and many i know, do actually need to sync these .ini and .db files
and funny thing in version 1.4... If i write in that i want desktop.ini or
*.ini synched, it still doesnt sync it... that is rather annoying!


I have the same issue. I use to SyncToy to backup all my pictures to
an external drive in ECHO mode.

However I just realised that the thumbs.db files are not copied across
to my external drive (even though I haven't excluded them or anything
like that).

I can't see a reason as to why I wouldn't want to copy these to my
backup device as it makes browsing pictures on the external drive
quicker. Also when doing a santiy check of my source and target
folders the number of files is a complete mismatch because of the
missing thumbs.db files.


Alex / TopDog,

Although I see your point of view and concern we have heard from many people
who do not want to see these files being synced because most people see these
a local setting files which dont make sense on the other side. You may in
fact be overwriting locally valid config in the desktop.ini files with remote
invalid config.

We'll see if we can make this an option in a future release - however the
window for these kinds of feature changes is probably closed for the 2.0

Thanks for the feedback.

Ashish Shah
SyncToy Development


BTW, I'll give you a manual workaround for this ;-) If you unmark the System
or Hidden attribute on those files, we will actually sync them. We only don't
sync these files if they are marked as both System AND Hidden.

Jul 13, 2010
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I have the same issue.

I use to SyncToy to backup all my data to a 1TB USB drive and if it doesn't copy the desktop.ini files which makes all my specified folder icon pointers are worthless when I plug it back in to get something off it.

I agree that having a set of checkboxes to include them would be pretty good but the reality is that you already have an exclusion form and if you don't want the files you should exclude them.

You should never take away the ability to backup any files or it isn't a true file backup it is a backup dictatorship, which is never good!

However you decide to handle the problem is good by me as long as it is handled.

Thanks for listening ...

Any clues on how to change the file attributes in Windows 7, it doesn't seem to let me change the attributes you specified and I am an administrator on the machine?
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