How to add 2nd email account in Outlook 2007



I am struggling how to add a second email address with separate inbox inside
Outlook 2007. Forum answers seem to be for those who use Microsoft Exchange
Server. I use Outlook with my host provider and the 2nd email address is also
set up at the host provider.

I want to be able to receive emails send to email2 in separate email2 box
below Inbox. I already have Outlook set up with choice of 3 sender addresses
but can't figure out how to add this second email account. I am not sure if
"second email account" terminology is correct or if I need to set up a folder
or use "rules" to set up for email going to email2 to go to that new place
listed among existing Outlook folder?





Brian Tillman [MVP - Outlook]

In outlook 2007 and earlier you need to use rules to sort accounts into
different inboxes.

I thought you could specify per-account Inboxes in Outlook 2007 without using

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