How to access the DMP file generated by IE reporting tool?



We are experiencing a crash in IE in a particular dll and I'd like to be able
to copy/paste the dump file information. I have located the dmp file in a
temp directory under local settings that IE creates but it is "in use"
pending a decision whether or not I choose to send it to MSFT. As soon as I
cancel out of the reporting tool the file is deleted.

How do you get access to the stack trace information contained in the IE
reporting tool?


Leonard Grey

Too bad you didn't say what versions of Internet Explorer and Windows
you have.

Does the problem exist when you run IE in 'no add-ons' mode?

Did you install the problematic version of IE?

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Try disabling add-ons:

*** If you are running IE6: ***
Start > Control Panel > Internet Options > Advanced (tab) > UNCHECK "Enable
third-party browser extensions" > OK

Run IE6 now.

If it works now, one of your add-ons is causing the problem. Start Internet
Explorer as normal, Tools, Manage Add-ons, Enable or Disable Add-ons.

Disable all the add-ons. Enable third-party browser extensions in Internet

Restart your browser and enable the add-ons one by one till the problem
appears and you get the culprit.

*** If you are running IE7 ***
Go to Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools >
Internet Explorer 7 (No Add-ons) to start without any add-ons. Try using the
browser and see if the same problem arises.

If the problem does not occur again, start IE7 normally, go to Tools >
Manage Add-ons and disable all the add-ons. Enable each add-on one at each
time, restart and see if the problem occurs again. Once it occurs again
after enabling an add-on, you have nailed the culprit.

(if the menu bar does not appear, hit the Alt key on the keyboard)

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